A bridge to the future of Russia: SPIEF expanded business programme

A bridge to the future of Russia: SPIEF expanded business programme

The 25th anniversary St. Petersburg International Economic Forum will provide a platform for discussing the challenges facing Russia and act as a bridge to the future for many industries and technologies, according to the expanded agenda of the Forum.

In the face of sanctions and the crisis of globalization, new horizons are opening up for Russia. Two separate blocks on the Forum agenda will be devoted to discussing the current economic order and the challenges that have arisen.

One of the most important topics will be the creation of a new infrastructural standard for the leadership of Russian territories in view of the breakdown of many traditional supply chains and the need to significantly revise the retail markets. These very factors have become a catalyst for changing the values for both business and government. With them in mind, the importance of regional teams is increasing manifold, while the rate of sharing best management practices between regions is becoming a critical factor in economic growth and the well-being of the country as a whole.

«The world has changed dramatically, and our task is to see and fulfill new opportunities this change brings. It is essential for all the healthy forces of society to unite their efforts. New world, new challenges, new perspectives. Decisions based on the results of discussions and agreements at the Forum will give business and government the opportunity to implement them as effectively as possible, to strengthen and reinforce the goals of national development,» said Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation and Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee.

The outward-oriented strategy has increased the volatility of economies, as complete openness to foreign trade has exposed vulnerability to external shocks related to specific goods and foreign suppliers. As a result of the unprecedented sanctions, Russian industry found itself in a situation where the cooperative ties and chains, established over the years, were severed. The formation of new ties will be discussed in several sessions of the Forum.

A number of events will focus on how to act in today’s realities, when a new world order architecture is being formed, and how to establish a dialogue with Western investors in this environment.

Energy development and energy security issues will be raised during an array of Forum sessions. They will cover the oil and gas markets, as well as electricity, coal, transportation corridors, commodity sovereignty, and the challenges of «green» energy.

The Forum will also discuss strategic directions of modern healthcare, healthy nutrition, and investments in the creation of a sanitary shield. Experts will also talk about new directions of the country’s development, one of which will be the East, including the entry of start-ups into Asian markets.

Protection of business in Russia and abroad, production and promotion of content after a number of social networks have been blocked, food security in Russia, sustainable agriculture — these topics will also be the subject of separate sessions of the Forum.

Modern technology and investment in people will also be significant discussion blocks at the Forum. In particular, participants will consider questions about how quantum technologies can provide a global economic breakthrough, what prospects the digital footprint opens up, and what technologies based on artificial intelligence can come around in the near future.

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