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Fund RC-Investments

Fund RC-Investments main focus is to attract financing and support the implementation of key investment, business and export-oriented projects across in various Russian regions.


Direct investor access

> 500 investors

Partner portfolio

≈ 80,000 stakeholders

Extensive project portfolio

> 300 projects

Overall team track record with USD

22 bn attracted investments

Number of signed agreements with regions

> 60 agreements


RK Investment Team

We maintain high quality standards increasing the number of our projects every year and extending their scope both in Russia and beyond. Our investment promotion platform will not be an exception. The main focus of RС-Investments, like of the Roscongress Foundation in general, is to promote our country’s economic potential development. Our new offering is a special financial service supporting investment and business projects for Russian and international companies working in the Russian and CIS markets.

A .A. Stuglev

CEO of the Roscongress Foundation

Russian export has a huge unexploited potential. We have already heard some success stories from companies tapping into external markets and gaining a foothold in those markets. The government offers active policies to support exporters’ efforts. The RC-Investments Fund is also committed to helping Russian and international companies in the development and implementation of their projects, both in our country and across the CIS, as well as to the promotion of our ambitions to enter external markets.

V. Y. Salamatov

Fund Board Chairman

Russia is implementing many promising projects in different economic sectors. Our goal is to attract additional capital in target projects and to promote their investment and export potential. The RC-Investments Fund is an efficient business support tool in both domestic and external markets. Our experts evaluate the investment attractiveness level of new projects and find new investors and partners in Russia and abroad.

A. S. Shatirov

Director of the RC-Investments Fund


Partners and Clients

Our pool of partners and clients includes various government organizations, agencies and development institutions, regional partners, as well as numerous businesses and corporations.